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About Us

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you


Dynamic Brotanics was founded by two energetic childhood friends that have a brotherly bond. We always have had a dream to create a business together since we were kids. Now, in our young adulthood, we never have let this dream disappear. Our two entrepreneurial minds came together to create something special that would help others and increase individual’s quality of life. Our company name was drafted up several times until we found what stood for our characteristics. Dynamic stands for our high positive energy that will grow with this company. Brotanics was combined with two phrases: 1. Bro in Brotanics stands for our many years of friendship turned into a brotherly bond. 2. Botanics is a substance derived from plants and it goes hand in hand with CBD being derived from industrial hemp plants.


Dynamic Brotanics, strives to bring our customers the best CBD products and customer service in the entire industry. We are here to help heal people seed by seed and educate them plant by plant on what CBD is and how CBD can help benefit you on a daily basis. Our goal as a company is to raise the awareness of CBD and all of the possibilities it brings to help us be healthier & happier in our overall well-being.

My husband and I purchased the Topical Gel bundle pack. We use the gel after each hike we do in the mountains. Awesome Product!

☑ Verified Buyer-Kathy & Scott

I saw their post on Instagram pouring 1000 mg lavender tincture drops in their coffee it was a must, for me to try! It Tastes Delicious!

☑Verified Buyer-Cindy T.

I am 75 years old and I play golf 4 days a week. My body is not like it used to be. My Grandson purchased me a topical gel and 500 mg tincture. These two products are great, it helps reduce the inflammation and my arthritis

☑ Verified Buyer-Peter B.

I have a hard time sleeping throughout the night. I saw this product off of Instagram and I wanted to give it a try. This was the best decision I have made. the last couple of weeks since I purchased the product I have slept sound throughout the night.

☑ Verified Buyer-Garret H.